Saturday, November 5, 2011


A couple of months ago my site was hacked. It's a good thing, as it has long needed reworking and this pushed me over the top. Coincidentally, Adobe came out with MUSE, which is software for Web design. For the first time ever, I was able to create a site...and not in a templated format.
The software is still in beta stages, but has tons of potential. There are little issues of alignment I have not been able to resolve, but all in all I'm very excited and decided to go ahead and post the site. Check it out if you like.

While the design options are limitless, I stuck with a pretty traditional format. Once I get this under my belt I want to start to take some bigger chances.

Working on the site helped me think about my life a bit - how do I want to present myself, if at all. Because I just never know what's ahead, it makes senses to keep a site. I can't imagine my life without some art in it, but I'm feeling pretty low key at the moment.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution or Revelation

2010 was full, to say the least. In April I got a full-time position with ZimmerFish and have spent the last 7+ months adapting, learning, learning, learning, and adjusting. During this time I completed previous freelance commitments, a small ceramics exhibit, and encaustic works/workshops for a grant - and slept.

Now that I've settled into the job, which I love (thank you universe), I'm thinking about what's next for my personal artwork. Till recently, making art has always been tied into making a living. I do think this has affected the nature of the imagery, no matter how hard I've tried to just be true to the work. In the end though, so what. I just want to make art. It's a truly selfish experience.

I'm lucky. I know it and I want to use the celebrational act of making art to make at least some little part of what can be a tough and frightening world better/kinder/easier. I've had times where I tried to say something important with my work, but don't think I've made a butterly's flap of a difference. So, it's time to consider how to bring it all together - what, how, for whom - making me smile and look forward to 2011.