Monday, June 21, 2010

Dental Tools

Started this piece for a demo(posted earlier). Last night the dental tools called, so I played with etching and incising and cutting back layers to reveal previous layers at various angles and depths. Should have waited till the paint I'd used for the etching had dried...both my hands were totally green and waxy. Thank goodness for pumice soap!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


For what it's worth, I'm posting a photo of my studio - clay to the left, painting in the middle, encaustic to the right and beyond that, framing. It's an all-purpose playground.

Sate of Mind

Starting a new job outside the home has taken some adjusting of schedule. When I do get home, I've felt guilty leaving my dog alone...yet I can go down to the studio to work. But, I think I'm settling in and starting to work it all out.

Got some clay pieces started to continue a raku mini-show I'll be having in September at Lansing Art Gallery. This weekend I want to prep some clay which will be worked together with encaustic - TOTAL experiments, but there in lies the fun. Have a couple of encaustic pieces I want to finish up and a new one to get out of my head and onto the board. Want to take several encaustic pieces to Lansing Art Gallery this week, too.

So - revving up and hoping to start moving forward again. Writing this is a bit like getting in gear. Hope I have enough gas to get where I want to go!