Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sate of Mind

Starting a new job outside the home has taken some adjusting of schedule. When I do get home, I've felt guilty leaving my dog alone...yet I can go down to the studio to work. But, I think I'm settling in and starting to work it all out.

Got some clay pieces started to continue a raku mini-show I'll be having in September at Lansing Art Gallery. This weekend I want to prep some clay which will be worked together with encaustic - TOTAL experiments, but there in lies the fun. Have a couple of encaustic pieces I want to finish up and a new one to get out of my head and onto the board. Want to take several encaustic pieces to Lansing Art Gallery this week, too.

So - revving up and hoping to start moving forward again. Writing this is a bit like getting in gear. Hope I have enough gas to get where I want to go!

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