Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution or Revelation

2010 was full, to say the least. In April I got a full-time position with ZimmerFish and have spent the last 7+ months adapting, learning, learning, learning, and adjusting. During this time I completed previous freelance commitments, a small ceramics exhibit, and encaustic works/workshops for a grant - and slept.

Now that I've settled into the job, which I love (thank you universe), I'm thinking about what's next for my personal artwork. Till recently, making art has always been tied into making a living. I do think this has affected the nature of the imagery, no matter how hard I've tried to just be true to the work. In the end though, so what. I just want to make art. It's a truly selfish experience.

I'm lucky. I know it and I want to use the celebrational act of making art to make at least some little part of what can be a tough and frightening world better/kinder/easier. I've had times where I tried to say something important with my work, but don't think I've made a butterly's flap of a difference. So, it's time to consider how to bring it all together - what, how, for whom - making me smile and look forward to 2011.