Friday, April 2, 2010

Warming Up

Today was my first foray into encaustic since getting the grant. I started a board, just hoping the right concept would come as I worked, but in the end I tried pretty much everything I'd read about in the book last night - in addition to trying oil pastels. Needless to say, the piece lacks focus. Like the oil pastels a lot and can see how I might add them down the line. I'll go back to the piece later with a fresh eye and see what it needs.

In the book they discuss keeping one brush for each color...VERY hard for a painter to do. I just dip where I need it. So, pretty much contaminated each color pan and brush I have. If that's how I work, it'll become part of what makes my stuff look like my stuff. I can clean brushes if it really gets to me. Can already tell I'm going to want another hot surface, so I can have more choice of color at one time...not patient about waiting for a color to heat up, just so I can make a single mark.

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