Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hoping for a Mackerel Sky

This piece was done for the Mackerel Sky 20th Anniversary Exhibit which is hanging now. In the months before the event I knew I wanted to do something in encaustic involving a mackerel sky cloud formation. Every evening as I walked the dog I watched the clouds and a few times thought they might be headed in the mackerel direction, but not once did I get the real thing. The quest itself became fun and meditative and I got to see some really beautiful skyscapes.


  1. ooh! how beautiful Barbara! has anyone purchased this piece yet? how much is it?

    lovely, lovely, lovely !

    (oh how i miss mackerel sky being across the street from my office!!)


  2. Hi - just saw this comment. Thanks so much. The piece is $480 and still available at Mackerel Sky. Have you been to the new location? I like it.