Sunday, March 11, 2012


On March 22 I'll be doing a brown-bag workshop for the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. It will be at their office on Turner Street in Old Town from noon till sometime after 1:00. It's been very interesting preparing materials, as it's become clear how many options artists now and more effective than ever before.

With Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, e-blasts and blogs, you can post images, videos, calendars, invitations and more. You can encourage an ongoing dialogue about your work,organization, or medium of interest and network to your heart's content. You can do it passively - not having to ever talk to a soul or put your artistic soul on the line. It's pretty perfect.

The trick is, you still have to do it. Somehow or another, you must tell people you exist, what you do, and (directly or by implication) why they should care. Marketing is an art form in itself. It's fun to plot which medium will accomplish what and layer the approach. It's gratifying to get responses to posts, or to create a community around something dear to your heart.

If you're interested in joining the conversation and receiving some written tips, please contact Katie Robiadek: or 517.372.4636 x 3.

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