Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pumped for 2010

This has been a great week. I'm cleaning files and e-mail lists and setting up a studio space which will have all my various media in one general space, so I can mix and match at will. Whatever mood strikes at whatever hour can be accommodated.

Though I'm sad to see All Dogged Up go (we really had some fun products and some fun) I'm looking forward to seeing what will fill that void, even if it means I'll just have time to read more.

In a way it feels like I'm nesting - preparing my mind and space for something new. I have a vague and delightful sense of anticipation.

In preparing a newsletter of sorts to send out after the first of the year I was shocked to see how much has happened. Exhausting, but fulfilling year on many counts.

I'm grateful for so much, have met some wonderful new friends, made some mistakes, taken some chances and learned a lot. I want to thank so many people for their sheer existence, for the color and nuance they bring to mine.

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